G Health-Sys Channel Partner Program

Are you a...

  • IT products reseller?
  • Medicine Supplier?
  • Hospital Maintenance Service Provider?
  • Medical Equipment Supplier?
  • IT Consultant?
  • Entrepreneur, eager to grow into the hospital management sector?

Then we have an attractive business opportunity for you.

GSTi Technologies welcomes you to become channel partners for G Health-Sys - A high potential approach to Healthcare Business

The G Health-Sys Partner Program provides organizations or individuals the support and domain knowledge that will empower you to supply Hospital Management solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide. It is designed to help Partners create opportunities to grow their business at medical sectors in their region.

HealthCare Business is booming across the world and so is the lack of having right systems to manage the hospitals and patient care. If we dig deep, it is easy to understand that most of the hospitals could not properly capitalise their infrastructure and staff experience. They could not even make sure that their patients are being attended properly. The challenges of stocking expired medicines and lack of planning on the staff rotation definitely has been drilling bloody wounds to the hospital reputation and revenues.

G Health-Sys throws light on Hospital/Clinic Management queries like:

  1. How many revisits to the particular specialist happen and how frequent?
  2. How many corporate patients are visiting the clinic?
  3. What is the fastest and slowest moving drug?
  4. What are the revenues from each department?
  5. What are the utilization of hospitals assets like ambulance etc?
  6. What is the revenue from home visits?

We have a dedicated team who provide quality assistance for sales, implementation and support of G Health-Sys. Channel Partners just need to link us with the client and front-end the deal. GSTi and Channel Partner will mutually discuss on the prices and ensure that the client is comfortable.

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Channel Partners

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