More About G Health-Sys!

G Health-Sys Features


"G Health-Sys, a user friendly solution for hospitals/clinics, is an applauding answer to all the challenges faced in the Healthcare Industry."

HOW? See for yourself»

  • Flexible information architecture to suite any hospital/clinic's needs
  • Statistics - Business analytics through hospital ERP dashboard
  • Ready to Use industry standard hospital reports
  • Reporting - Drill down analysis and export to popular formats
  • Highly Secure - Bullet proof user control to hospital information access
  • User audit trail and change log for tracking user activities
  • Laptop, Tab & Mobile integration for information on the move
  • No Data Loss - Automatic backup and proactive recovery
  • Hospital ERP with quick and simple installation procedure
  • Data synchronisation from satellite hospitals and clinics
  • Smart Insurance Bill Estimation
  • Smart patient registration with Insurance Company and TPA info
  • Effective Preauthorization amount Capture
  • Edit/Change Insurance company details and Preauthorized approval amounts from Billing/Registration modules
  • Auto-Calculation of rates for different Insurance plans
  • Options to split the item amount into the Insurance and Patient co-pay
  • Advance/Refund option for patient payments
  • Facility to Mail the clinical and supportive documents directly from Patient Medical Records to TPA's
  • Tracking the Payments / Dues from TPA's
G Health-Sys Benefits


Healthcare management is hectic and complex if you do not have a strong and reliable management system to cover all your operations. G Health-Sys is a fully integrated Hospital Management Software capable of addressing all the critical administrative issues faced by healthcare sector.

  • Accuracy on module operations.
  • Reliability on advanced features easing healthcare functions.
  • Info security on its peak with Patient Data.
  • Enhancing Patient Safety.
  • No Redundancy.
  • Easy and swift retrieval of Stored Information.
  • Improved & advanced Patient Services.
  • Eradicates Paper Work.
  • Improving quality in Hospital Inventory Management.
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources.

How is it different from other similar products in the market?

  • Centralized control of multi-center operations
  • Complete data Migration from existing application
  • Advanced and customizable EMR solution
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Client convenient supply modes for maintenances and upgrades
  • Dynamically integrated system for higher productivity and improved efficiency
  • Following international healthcare standards like HL7, HIPPA guidelines